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Happy Birthday to

Paul Georg Julius Hernreid Ritter Von Wassel-Waldingau (aka Paul Henreid) and Sal Mineo. I'd watch Casablanca & Rebel Without a Cause (that overrated pustule of a movie, which I still kind of like but come on), one of the most brilliant movies ever made which I love and worship constantly, only occasionally getting sick of hearing about how great it is, if I had a TV.

[updated to add:] I apologize for earlier calling Rebel Without a Cause an overrated pustule of a movie. Honestly, the fact is I love Rebel Without a Cause, it's just one of those movies that I get sick of hearing about (as I suspect daveroguesf may feel about Casablanca, or was it the Maltese Falcon? Some Bogey movie, as I recall). I am cranky like that, and can be sort of a dick about it.

Another example of this crankiness is that I am royally pissed off by the entire nation of Japan. This is true for the somewhat embarrassing reason that 'round about about the mid-eighties if I had to hear one more white geek blather on about the great stories in these comic books featuring characters with BIG FUCKING CREEPY-ASS EYES I was going to scream. Eventually my senses became dulled to the invasion of Geekdom by Japanese animation, just in time for Cyberpunk to hit the movies. Lord have mercy!

I'm just the sort of guy who, how shall I put this, is wearing a saggy diaper that leaks. I get tweaked by cultural phenomena -- I refrain from calling it "hype," because often it's just three people I know being into something I'm not that into -- and become profoundly irritable.

I don't blame it on poor, maligned Japan, really; I don't even blame it on Japanese animation and in fact truth be told I am no longer even, really, annoyed by so many white Americans' obsession with that esteemed nation. It's a fine nation, a diamond example of the beauty that is humanity, whoopdee doo. Japan rocks!!! Long live Japan!!! Long live Rebel Without a Cause, Paris Hilton, Brangelina, Swingers, reality television, Ashton Kutcher, JT Leroy, vampires, Sports Night, and heirloom tomatoes!!! Yeeee-hawwww!!!!
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